About a truck maker

Even a used Japanese truck with the popularity, but every maker is characteristic.
I want to introduce recommended maker and how to choose to intending to purchase it as a privately-owned car from the one that is necessary for work.
Famous Isuzu and four companies of the UD diesel which was Nissan Diesel in old days compete by the strength of the brand power as a manufacturer of the trucks from Hino Motors, the old days when the reputation of best Mitsubishi Fuso and driver is high.
The high share rate is said to be Mitsubishi Fuso and Isuzu, but one attracting is said to be UD diesel by large car.
As for the share rate and the popularity, use of purchase and the examining should search word of mouth in car models to company and large-scale - small size once from now on to be greatly different in each.
It is recommended to choose the superior maker for the mileage than it decides it only with popularity.
When I run a long distance in shipping industries, expenses increase if the mileage is bad.
You should pay attention to the maker which sells a diesel car from it.
It is a used car firmly if I decide it with the body price of the body.
I can obtain a cheap truck in good quality if I can ascertain it well even if it is a used truck.